Beware of Freeboard

David Levin 03/08/2016

In the context of minimum flood elevation requirements, “Freeboard” is an additional height above the FEMA mandated minimum elevation in flood prone areas to afford an extra measure of protection from storm surge and flooding. While the term sounds beneficial, it must be noted that “freeboard ain’t free.” It comes with a penalty to existing and prospective owners of property located in FEMA “A” and “V” Zones.

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The 10 Best Waterfront Locales Near Sarasota Florida

David Levin 26/07/2016

The part of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico commonly referred to as “Siesta Key” or “Sarasota” is actually a very large populated area that covers Manatee & Sarasota County. It is also commonly referred to as “Paradise” for its tropical climate, beautiful sandy beaches, high end restaurants and resorts & laid back lifestyle.

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